Who We Are

Al-Majal Al-Wasih General Trading Company Limited
The official and sole agent of the Japanese company Sharp in Iraq. High quality in business solutions in terms of providing the highest quality standards and presenting them in the field of office work, security solutions, technology and networks with accuracy and perfection. It seeks to introduce the Information Technology Department

Our Process

Cloning devices

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Interactive screens

Interactive screens (smart boards) with solutions that support the educational and business sectors.

Display screens

Digital displays of various sizes

Different with high clarity.


Providing modern and diverse programs for all departments of the organization at a high level of craftsmanship and mastery, and maintaining the security and confidentiality of databases.


Automating administrative work by gradually converting all services, systems and applications from the traditional (paper) state to the electronic state by activating the administrative responsibility of the department towards all other scientific and administrative departments and creating close links between all departments of the institution.

Electronic services

Providing consultations and electronic services to all company staff as needed, in addition to providing hardware maintenance services, including cloning devices, screens, and their accessories, and updating all software.

Security systems

We provide all types of security gates and their control systems, in addition to surveillance cameras and fingerprint devices.

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